Winding Willow School of Shoreline; A Waldorf inspired preschool

Winding Willow School of Shoreline

About the school

Founded on the principles of Waldorf Education, we nurture and teach young hearts and minds through song, story, play, and imagination. Located near lower Paramount Park, where we love to explore, our school is a wonderland for children. From gardening and playing in our natural digging pit, to our outdoor clay oven and wildlife sanctuary, we bring magic to your child’s life each and every day.

About the teacher

Meet Aureole (pronounced like the bird Oriole). An aureole is the halo around the moon. But, in our case, Aureole is our lead teacher. Full of light and love, she sings to your children throughout the day in english and spanish. Aureole has spent many years training in the style of Waldorf Education. She is loved by the parents, and adored by the children.

This school is one of my favorite businesses in Shoreline, not only because my wife owns the business, but also because of the tremendous amount of love and compassion she teaches the children throughout the day. ¬†While it’s only in it’s first year, the Winding Willow School is well on it’s way to becoming one of Shoreline’s treasures.


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