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Edge Performing arts and Dance

Being an actor or a performer comes natural to some, but for others it takes hard work and years of dedication.  The internet and specifically YouTube has made becoming an overnight star easier than ever, but performing in a Broadway musical and becoming famous for discovering a double rainbow are obviously quite different types of talent.

I would never have known there was a performance theater in North city if I hadn’t reached out to the city of Shoreline to ask about some of the remarkable business owners in our city. The Edge Performing Arts & Dance is not the kind of theater that you would expect when you hear the word theater it’s a performance hall like a tiny Benaroya.  There are group and private classes and a stage to practice and perform.

Edge Performing Arts and Dance

It says on the website “North City Theatre is Shoreline’s own black box theatre! With 40 seats, stage lighting, sound system and an intimate stage–it’s the perfect place for young performers to learn! “

Jordyn says they have Dance and Music and acting classes as well as several other categories of performance arts.  Also, she offers private lessons in voice, piano, and acting. Originally from Eastern Washington, she has a music degree and a business degree.  She came here with her husband, boyfriend at the time, when he was pursuing his PhD. She got a gig teaching at a music studio but eventually the entrepreneur in her took over and drove her to opening her own business.
Certainly having a small theater in what is considered by some to be “downtown Shoreline” is an attraction by itself, but what was more remarkable is the person behind the scenes.  Jordyn Meeker is the owner of this establishment.  This is the first business she’s owned, which can be hard, but she’s still excited and it’s going well.

“I want people to know that they can do whatever they want, and I can help them to achieve that through using all the things that they were born with.  It’s my job to lift them up, and I want people to know that they are fully capable of doing anything they set their mind to!”

If there’s one thing Jordyn does more than anything else, it seems like laughing is her thing.  She is absolutely full of spirit, fun, energy, and brilliance!  Since this is her first business, she has had to learn some hard lessons, but it didn’t seem to affect her adversely.  While many business owners get solemn when they remember the hard times, Jordyn laughs about what she’s had to go through. She acknowledges what there was to learn, and keeps looking forward with her vision strongly planted in her mind.

Edge Performing Arts and Dance

As we went on a tour of the theater, I was completely surprised by how big it is inside the theater itself.  You can’t tell when you’re standing outside of this older building or even in the lobby, that inside there’s this magnificent place where it would be really fun to go see a show.  The seating arrangement and the lighting at The Edge Theater are really fantastic, and anybody interested in putting on a performance could easily do so in this spot.   Jordyn will be the first to tell you it’s the support of her community, her family, her friends, and her husband that allows her to do this, but she is living the dream.  She’s creating a life for herself out of her passion!

Sometimes, but not always, the kids who want to do acting and singing are different from the kids who want to do hockey and football. While it’s easy to find after school sports programs, it’s really nice to see that there’s an alternative where those with more of an artistic flair can shine in their own way.  We all experience the world differently. For those who choose the artistic and performance path, The Edge offers something truly inspiring and unique.  As if that wasn’t enough, Jordyn also shares space with a recording studio that caters to rock music, which is a nice collaboration since there is some overlap.

For someone who is young and new to the business world, Jordyn has a lot of wisdom.  “I teach from a friendship aspect. If I wanted to just be a teacher, I could go anywhere. My job is to lift people up and help them get to their dreams and goals. I’ve never let anything hold me back.  I am who I am because I had support and a good foundation and a lot of people around me who gave me a good path.  I want people to know they can do whatever they want and I can help them to achieve that through using all the things they were born with. “

Jordyn Meeker

If you haven’t already been over to the website or the Facebook page, those are definitely the two places that you want to go first.  However, if you happen to be driving by 15th Ave. and 175th St., Stop in at The Edge Performing Arts and Dance.  Just say “Hi” to Jordyn.  If you get a chance to meet her, just her laughter and joyful attitude will be enough to make you want to take part.  Even if it’s just for one class, drop in and try it out; you’ll be glad you did!

 Edge can be found online at http://www.edgeartsanddance.com/index.html

Or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Edgeartsanddance?ref=br_tf

And in real life at

17517 15th Ave NE

Shoreline, Washington 98155

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