About Me

I started with the intention of running my own businesses, but quickly found out that everyone needs these things.

For the past 15 years, I’ve worked in a few different industries, primarily relating to sales, marketing, operations, finance and technology (That pretty much covers everything, right?).  I started out working with business owners and consumers in a consulting role, evaluating their financial situation and determining whether I could help them resolve problems.  This involved becoming an expert in reading finanical statements, tax returns, and reviewing their business and personal financial history to determine what the real story was.  From there, I became a senior consultant and eventually was hiring and training the new staff.  I was told the training program I developed was the best they had ever seen.

The next 10 years were spent in the mortgage industry, mostly in a sales/project manager/operations role.  I evaluated every aspect of the companies I worked in and created systems which would reliably and predictably produce the most efficient, most profitable result, while still ensuring the customer had a superb experience.  After the design and engineering of the systems, I then took on the role of seeing each project through to completion, evaluating it from a time, cost, benefit, ease of implementation, and results perspective.

For the past several years, I’ve been working as a software designer, developer, and consultant for law firms in Washington, continuing to hone my skills in business analysis and project management.  In some cases, I have designed, built, and implemented custom software solutions.  In others, I’ve diagramed processes to solve problems which were interfering with the company’s overall goal of delivering exceptional customer service while still  producing extraordinary results.

Because I have operated as a bookkeeper and analyst in a number of companies, have reviewed thousands of financial packages, and have been responsible for the economic well being of a few of the law firms I’ve consulted with, I’ve gained the ability to understand complex financial models, and to accurately evaluate the fiscal health of a company or a program in a short amount of time.

I operate this blog as a way to help people connect with the owners behind the businesses in our communities.  It’s the owners we support when we shop at a local merchant.  it’s the families of the owners who are impacted by the businesses success or failure.  Business is an art form just like painting.  My goal is to encourage and inspire the community to care about the success of the local businesses which have chosen our neighborhoods as the place to set up shop.

“…the simple truth about the greatest business-people I have known is that they have a genuine fascination for the truly astonishing impact little things done exactly right can have on the world.” -Michael Gerber;The E-Myth