Rhapidpro.com CRM for automated small business support



About the business

Rhapidpro is a customer relationship manager (CRM).  it’s a way for business owners to keep track of who they talk to and it also automates the process of following up.  It’s actually just one in a series of CRM and business related websites I operate.  If you are familiar with Salesforce, Zoho, or Constant Contact, you’re probably familiar with CRM’s.  I’ve used all of them, and was not satisfied.  They were either too expensive, too cumbersome, or just didn’t have the features I needed.  I built Rhapidpro specifically to help small business owners make money by being able to close deals.

About the owner

Meet me, Russ.  I’ve been working on building businesses for nearly two decades.  I’ve worked in sales, marketing, operations, finance, technology, and HR.  In the past few years, I’ve been in the software business, and I use this as a way to connect with business owners.

I’m starting the new year off by doing a community service project called Project888.  The goal is to help 888 people start businesses that make a difference in the community as well as having it be something they love.  I don’t charge for this.  It’s just my way of giving back.  I’m curently concentrating on North Seattle and South Snohomish County, although I’ll likely have to expand to Seattle as word gets out.  The site is at www.project888.org



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