it’s not quite bad service

I went to lunch today at this restaurant in Capitol Hill, sushi Thai place, and everything seem to be going fine until my food came. My servers brought the food, and I asked her for chopsticks, so she went to get them. But on the way back, something happened, and she did didn’t make it back. At least not anytime quickly, so I sat there waiting. It was several minutes of me sitting there with my food in front of me waiting for chopsticks. But she finally did come over. Now I’m not suggesting that she did anything inherently wrong, but I am suggesting that the system does breakdown little bit when you don’t focus on the top priority goals. Which in this case was taking care of the customer who had the immediate need.

this kind of behavior is something I would expect from big corporations, but not from little stores. I know there’s a lot to do, we can’t seem to accomplish everything, but you have to spend time talking about what happened during your shift. What went right, what went wrong?

I don’t know any restaurants that do this, especially the smaller ones, but it’s essential for success.