Getting off on the right foot

I don’t care what anybody says, making money and being happy in self employment is hard work.  It’s hard physically and mentally.  If you’re not feeling exhausted by the stress and the endless list of things to do, then you’re probably not going to make it in self employment, at least not the level you see possible for yourself. This is a game for people who are serious about getting somewhere in their business career.

I’ve been self-employed since 2002.  No health insurance unless I paid for it.  No leads unless I generated them.  No paycheck unless I collected the money.  No ability to buy food for my family or presents for my kids unless I made more than enough money than my business costs to run.  I had to learn everything; computers, marketing, sales, HR, operations, legal issues, scheduling, dealing with utilities, contracts, lawsuit, both for and against, PR, tax filings, audits, licensing, the list goes on and on.

I haven’t been fortunate enough to have a chunk of money handed to me at the right time to allow me to hire professionals to do these things for me, and you probably don’t either.  If you’re thinking of cashing in your 401K to start an interior design business, don’t do it without talking to me first.  Bootstrapping is one thing, but spending your money to go into business without having someone who’s done it already looking over your plan is just plain stupid.  You’re not smarter than everyone else.  Your brains are not going to prevent you from making the same mistakes that we who have been there have made.

Your only hope is to slow down and ask for coaching.  Notice, I said coaching, not help, not advice, not guidance.  Coaching!  That means you choose someone you believe in, who can guide you properly, and you do what they say, trusting that they’ll get you where you want to go.  When you start analyzing whether you like what you’re being told and then you take some and leave others, like cafeteria style, you’re not in a coaching agreement, and most likely, you’re going to fail.

Being successful in self-employment is challenging, but it’s entirely possible for just about everyone.  Don’t be discouraged by this, but be aware of where you aren’t looking.  I’m not a coach, I’m a leader.  I can show you where the path is, and I can show you how I got onto the path.  I cannot get you there without you doing the steps, and neither can anyone else.  No book, no website, no video, no seminar, webinar, and nobody can get you there.  It’s on you friend.  We’re just a support system.  We can be the vehicle, but you’ve gotta push the gas.  We can be the words, but you have to listen.  If you don’t have the drive, ambition, determination, and mental fortitude to take your own life into your own hands and make of it what you desire, then don’t start your business until you do.  The support system can get you to that point, but none of us can hold your hand the entire time.  You, and only you, are the engine.  Not your family, not your friends, and not any of us.

And, now that I’ve said all that, here are some of the things I recommend.  The order is not as important as making sure you do all of them

1. listen to Jim Rohn’s “the power of ambition”

2. listen to Michael Gerber’s “Take charge of your business and your life”

3. Listen to or read “The Go Giver”

4. Create your goals list using either Jim Rohn’s strategy or Scott Fox’s strategy from Click Millionaire

5. Register for the next Millionaire Mind Intensive that comes near your home town.  Don’t pay for any of their other courses just yet.  For now, just go to the free one and then take some time to be clear what your next move is.  The enthusiasm they get you to generate is important.

6. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad

7. Play the Cashflow game at least once

8. Learn some form of martial arts and/or start meditating. I think both is best.

9. Do the landmark Forum.  It will help you get out of your own way in life.

10.  Write your life story.  Having to articulate how you got to where you are is the absolute best way to see where to go next and what you need to do.

In 2014, I’m going to help 888 people start businesses doing something they love that also makes a difference in the community. I’m not charging for this, it’s my community project.  For more information, go to

Success can be yours, but remember, that doesn’t always mean money

Russ Shulman

Rhapid Results



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