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it’s not quite bad service

I went to lunch today at this restaurant in Capitol Hill, sushi Thai place, and everything seem to be going fine until my food came. My servers brought the food, and I asked her for chopsticks, so she went to get them. But on the way back, something happened, and she did didn’t make it back. At least not anytime quickly, so I sat there waiting. It was several minutes of me sitting there with my food in front of me waiting for chopsticks. But she finally did come over. Now I’m not suggesting that she did anything inherently wrong, but I am suggesting that the system does breakdown little bit when you don’t focus on the top priority goals. Which in this case was taking care of the customer who had the immediate need.

this kind of behavior is something I would expect from big corporations, but not from little stores. I know there’s a lot to do, we can’t seem to accomplish everything, but you have to spend time talking about what happened during your shift. What went right, what went wrong?

I don’t know any restaurants that do this, especially the smaller ones, but it’s essential for success.


Need Facebook for business Help?

18 Ways to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Performance

Published January 28, 2014 Printer-Friendly

social media how toAre you frustrated with Facebook’s frequent changes to the news feed algorithm?

Do you feel like you’re being forced to buy ads to reach your audience?

While Facebook change is the rule rather than the exception, this article gives you 18 ways you can improve your Facebook news feed performance—and gain the upper hand.

How Reach Is Created on Facebook

Facebook defines reach as the number of unique Facebook users who see your updates.

To see your page’s reach, go to Facebook Insights and look at your page’s Reach report. You’ll be able to see how your reach is improving over time (as shown below).

facebook reach

How much reach does your Facebook page have?


Reach is generally influenced by one or more of the following actions:

  • You post content to your Facebook page. Yes, most of your fans don’t see it, but it still generates reach. Facebook calls this organic reach.
  • Facebook users take action on that update (like, comment, share), which creates a story in their friends’ news feeds. Facebook calls this viral reach.
  • You send visitors to that update using your own marketing channels. An example would be linking to a specific Facebook update in your email marketing newsletter. This also falls within organic reach.
  • You buy reach with Facebook ads. Facebook offers a variety of ad options, including boosts and targeting custom audiences. Facebook calls this paid reach.

All four actions are interrelated.

For example, if you publish content (organic reach) that your fans react to, friends of those fans will see that content (viral reach). If you decide an update is worthy of a Facebook ad, then the ad creates paid reach.

The more kinds of reach you generate with an update, the more people see that update. And that’s where these 18 ways you can beat Facebook’s news feed algorithm come in.

#1: Create a Content Strategy

You’ve heard this before, but what really matters in the end is the content.

Your fans don’t share a post just because they see it the news feed. They share it because it’s useful and interesting to them.

In the nonprofit world, fewer than 25% of pages have a content strategy, and I’ll bet that’s true for most small businesses as well.

If you need guidance on creating a content strategy, read these Social Media Examiner articles:

#2: Know When Your Fans Are Online

When is the best time to post on Facebook? When most of your fans are actually using Facebook.

In general, Facebook shows the most recent content at the top of the news feed. If you post an update at 2am, but your fans are using Facebook at 8am, you can be sure they aren’t seeing your updates.

You can find out when your fans are online by going to your Facebook Insights and clicking Posts.

when facebook fans are online

Post when your fans are on Facebook to ensure maximum reach.

#3: Pay Attention to Post Frequency

After looking at your Post Insights, you probably noticed there’s never a period whennone of your fans are using Facebook.

This means you should post at least once per day. Socialbakers recommends no more than twice a day, based on their research.

#4: Let People Post Content on Your Facebook Page

When Facebook users post updates on your page or mention your page, their friends see that activity in the news feed. That’s important viral reach.

In the update below, Max has posted an update on the Libraries Are Essential Facebook page. Many of Max’s friends will be exposed to this page through viral reach because his post shows up in his friends’ news feeds.

If you’re worried about spam or negative content being posted on your page, don’t worry. You can easily configure your page to block content that contains specific keywords or profanity.

viral reach

Any time someone posts on your page, it shows up in their friends’ news feeds, which results in viral reach.

#5: Host a “Caption This” Contest

One thing I’ve done that’s consistently worked well is to host caption contests as a way to generate an instant flood of comments, which in turn creates a flood of viral reach!

caption contest

Fun and easy contests or giveaways result in higher organic and viral reach.

I give away copies of great books, but you can give away anything you want. Justmake sure it’s useful and relevant to your community.

#6: Reply to Comments

To build community, you have to listen to and respond to community. People use Facebook because they want to be heard!

Responding to comments is important.

comment reply

Reply to your commenters so they know they’re heard.

Your Facebook page has an optional threaded comments feature. This means that when a fan leaves a comment on an update, you can reply specifically to that comment.

When you respond, that fan receives a notification, which is incentive to revisit your page to read your response. Increasing the frequency of visits to your page is a key part of developing a core Facebook page community.

You can turn on threaded comments in a few easy steps:

  • Go to your page and click Edit.
  • Choose Edit Settings.
  • Find the Replies heading in the list and click Edit.
  • Click Allow Replies to Comments on My Page.
  • Click Save Changes.

#7: Tag Commenters

Normally, pages can’t tag people on Facebook, but there is one exception: If a Facebook user leaves a comment on an update, you can tag the user when you comment on that same update.

tag commentersTag commenters in your reply to bring them back to the conversation.

Depending on the users’ privacy settings, they’ll receive notification that they’ve been tagged, prompting them to revisit the thread.

#8: Tag and Give Props to Other Pages

Human beings are hardwired for reciprocity. Generally speaking, when you promote another business’s agenda on Facebook, they receive a notification so they know the good deed you did for them. If they’re a good partner, they’ll return the favor.

tagging other pages

This update tagged RazorSocial.

#9: Repost Previous Top-Performing Updates

Your content strategy doesn’t have to only include new content; you can also recycle your most successful posts to reengage fans.

To find and reframe your top-performing posts, you need to know post engagement rates—the percentage of people who saw an update and liked, commented on or shared it.

To find post engagement ratesgo to your Insights and click PostsScroll down to the All Posts Published table, and click the Engagement column to quicklysort your posts by engagement rate.

To really get a feel for which updates your fans loved, export at least six months of post-level data and study it.

To bring fans back to your most brilliant and engaging content, you can:

  • Click Share on the original post and share it directly on your page.
  • Copy and paste the original post into a new status update.
  • Modify the original post, then post as a new status update.

An important note here: Don’t recycle recent content. You don’t want fans to feel like they’re seeing reposted content too frequently.

#10: Boost Previous Top-Performing Updates

There’s no way to escape it. If you’re serious about Facebook marketing, use ads. 

What I will say is this: Only promote awesome.

Investing in posts that already have a high engagement rate is more likely to give you the biggest bang for your buck—more likes, comments and shares—which translates into more engagement and reach in the long run.

Whether you have experience with Facebook ads or not, make time to read Jon Loomer’s articles on using Facebook Ads and the Power Editor to promote your top-performing posts.

boost a post

Promote your best Facebook content easily right from Insights.

#11: Feature Your Posts in a Like Box

Most people don’t know that the Facebook Like box in their website’s sidebar has a setting that lets you display your most recent page updates.

When people see your Facebook updates in your sidebar, it not only encourages them to like your page right there, but to click over to your page and take part in the conversation.

To update your Like box, visit the plugin page and configure the settings to Show Posts (as shown below).

display latest posts in like box

Sharing your Facebook updates in your sidebar Like box lures people to your page.

#12: Embed Top-Performing Updates in Blog Posts

One constant challenge for most bloggers is finding topics to write about.

Take a look at your most recent high-engagement Facebook updates and write blog posts that expand on those topics. Within the post, embed one or more of your best Facebook page updates (as shown below).

embed facebook posts

Write blog posts around your popular Facebook topics and provide a way for readers to revisit the conversation on Facebook.

This approach not only creates more reach for your best Facebook updates, it gives you blog post content that’s already been vetted by your community!

#13: Message Your Friend Networks

Have you hit a wall on your way to getting engagement? Depending on the strength of your collective friend network, try asking for shares or comments from within your personal networks.

Now, obviously you can’t force people to do this. But you can have willing parties message their friends at a time when you know your fans are mostly likely to be online.

These network shares cause a trending effect among friends connected to your business. When people see several of their friends talking about a topic, they’re more likely to be interested in that topic and click over to read more.

#14: Guest Post on Sites That Send You Traffic

If you’re a regular reader of Social Media Examiner, you know how powerful having aguest blogging strategy can be for growing your business.

But did you know you can find potential leads for guest-post opportunities right in Facebook Insights?

Within the Visits report, scroll all the way down to the External Referrers section. This graph shows you which websites are referring the most traffic to your Facebook page (shown below).

referrals from guest posts

Keep track of who’s sending traffic your way and make the most of those partnerships.

Contact the sites sending people your way and see if you can write a guest post for them.

Don’t limit yourself to guest blogging. Feel free to explore other co-marketing opportunities that may work as well.

#15: Pin Top-Performing Pictures on Pinterest

When you post images to Pinterest, you have an option to include a URL. When a user clicks the image, they go to that URL.

Try reposting a few high-performing photos from your Facebook page onto Pinterest and linking back to your Facebook update.

Make sure you use the correct permalink for the post! You can find that by clicking on the post’s publish date on Facebook (as shown below). You’ll be taken to a new page that shows just that post. Copy the URL for this page to use as your Pinterest link.

finding a post permalink

Use eye-catching images on Pinterest that link back to your Facebook page.

Keep track of how much traffic Pinterest is sending to your Facebook page via your Insights’ External Referrer graph. Then you’ll be able to determine how effective this approach is in boosting reach for your Facebook page updates.

#16: Tweet Your Top-Performing Updates

Some of my clients have had success scheduling tweets with links to their high-performing Facebook updates. Two or three tweets in 48 hours is plenty. Tweet recent Facebook updates rather than older ones.

tweeting a facebook update

Tweeting a Facebook post drives external traffic.

Make sure you’re able to measure clicks from Twitter to the post.

#17: Use Email Marketing to Promote Top-Performing Posts

This is one of my favorite strategies to use for my Facebook page. It’s so simple and effective, I’m surprised I don’t see it done more often.

Every time I write my weekly newsletter, I include a link to a Facebook page update.

For example, I recently asked my subscribers if they’d like me to write more about blogging, then I provided a link to a Facebook post where they could answer.

facebook poll

People who open and read your emails are highly likely to engage with you on Facebook as well.

#18: Identify Best Tactics With Facebook Insights

In the end, you have to find the tactics that work for your Facebook page.

Export the last six months of your Facebook Insights and study them to see what works for your page, then replicate that success with the tips above.

Pay attention to which updates resulted in new fans. Look at which posts produced specific kinds of reach and engagement (shares are more important than likes, for example).

Owner’s Report is now available

Finally, a way to really find out what you need to focus on to build your business into the dream business you hoped it would be.

“Your Owner’s Report provides you with a detailed review of your business or business idea. Using nearly two decades of experience, I provide a custom evaluation for you – no HIDDEN fees!”

Imagine, just for a minute…

“It’s 30 days from now, and you now have thousands of monthly views online. Instead of selling goods and services, people are contacting you asking to buy.You’ve gained dozens of new customers and referrals are pouring in from a SIMPLE web based campaign… and best of all, you’re happier and working LESS than ever before! ”

Sound crazy, or impossible? Then keep reading to learnhow real people are already getting these results, using a powerful FREE TO CREATE AND USE system…”

Your Owner’s Report is a customized report giving you a complete review of your business as it stands today as well as specific steps and directions to help you get to the level you know is possible in your business. Commonly, this can be achieved in large part using computer-based software whichautomaticaly frees you from the repetitive chores, tasks, and routines involved in making money online.  I say this not because I am lazy (well, maybe just a little), but because the key issue here is that your time is limited, and you are your greatest asset. You need to be able to spend your time doing the important stuff which only you and your creative mind can create. There’s software and consulting as well as third party services like advertising and marketing, all designed with one purpose in mind, helping you. Unfortunately, none of this is any good without a clear road map and a clear purpose. This highly powerful owner’s report is developed by Rhapid Results LLC, a well known company.

Your Owner’s Report is a very important tool which helps you to see parts of your business which are glaringly obvious to people on the outside, but nearly invisible to you as an owner. Ikea has proven that nearly anyone can follow simple instructions as long as they can see a picture of the finished product and are guided with step-by-step simple to follow diagrams. There are easy to use programs whichautomatically do many of the things you are probably doing manually, or not doing at all but know you should be. There are programs to check e-mails, process any information requests, subscribe and unsubscribe people to a newsletter, import customers’ order forms into a customer database, as well as any survey forms into a database, process any autoresponder and e-mail forwarding requests, manipulate different lists in a wide number of ways, etc. Many of these are available online for cheap. But again, without the roadmap, it doesn’t matter how great the tools are.

In the movie Stargate, in order to travel through space, they needed to know where they were to start with, and then they simply plotted a course to a speck on the other side of the galaxy. Without both a starting and ending point, they couldn’t go anywhere. The same applies to you and your business. Having a clearly defined course is one of the most powerful tools you have. In some situations knowing where you are can even be MORE powerful than knowing where you are heading. Things like your web site, your social media presence, and the connections you have with industry leaders is just as important as how you collect data from your customers. if you have the information and tools to manage it, you still need to manage how you’re going to implement solutions without it getting in the way of maximizing your time. Everything affects your business. If you choose not to automate your e-mail chores, your e-mail campaigns, your follow-up offers, your newsletters, your e-mail customer service, etc… then your competition is going to leave you behind because I guarantee that they have or are going to have automated these processes.
Please don’t take this lightly; think about it. What makes your business really grow? Taking care of your tedious daily tasks like processing orders, filling requests, importing information into your database, etc… or promoting your business to generate sales and growth, as well as to make more profits? I think the answer is obvious. As the owner, your best asset is you. When you get caught up in running the business instead of promoting it, you have seriously hampered your marketing.

Personally, I’ve always been comfortable using technology and recommending software automation to my friends and business associates because it has a proven track-record.  But these days, consumers are getting wise to automated marketing. It doesn’t have the same impact it once did. But thanks in part to so many business owners who have switched over to automation, there are literally trillions of data points available for analysis which you can use to make your business stand out in the mind of the consumer.

Of course, technology is just one piece of your Owner’s Report. It’s an important piece, and a complex one, but it’s only one of many ways I evaluate your business. It’s important to note that I have a long, proven track-record of helping “Regular Joe’s” who have started with an idea (with NO or little business experience ) and grow to a complete picture, making money and beyond!

Owner’s Report is by far the most complete customized business evaluation on the market and the only one of it’s kind which focuses on your specific knowledge and talent. Here’s a quick preview ofeight ways your Owner’s Report will help you

1. Your Owner’s Report looks at your customers. Who are they, how are they finding you, how do they find your competition, what do they want, and best of all, what do you need to do to get more of them and more out of them without it taking more out of you.

This customized business evaluation report allows you to see what your customers are thinking.Knowledge is power, and to those who have a lot, more will be given. How you communicate with your customers is just as important as what you say to them, both verbally and non-verbally.

Looking at your customers, not only can save a lot of money, but you can instantly know everything about your business your customers are afraid or too apathetic to tell you. You need specific details, from the way your customers feel about spending money with you to the way you answer the phone, right down to what specific customers say or don’t say to their friends, family, and acquaintenances about your business.

2. Your Owner’s Report evaluates you as the owner, looking at who you are in the community. It includes 7 different “FREE WAYS” you can show up as a leading expert in your field without it coming across as you trying to sell something.

As you already know, people trust experts. When you need something, you listen to what experts in that field are saying and doing, even if they haven’t proven themselves to be fortune tellers. Consumers are afraid of making a mistake or being taken advantage of. The younger generation uses technology to research as well as to talk to others about what decision to make… particularly if it’s something they are considering paying for. Before the internet, it was much easier for people to get burned because the knowledge wasn’t available. Now, in just a few minutes, your potential customers are checking you out online to be sure you’re the one to trust.

That’s why I designed Owner’s Report to accomidate both tech savvy and non-tech savvy business owners. Plus, there are simple step-by-step lists to follow to achieve “expert status” through social media, blogging, podcasting, news article writing, and more.

“I’ve been following Russ’ advice for 4 months now and I must say that this isthe best piece of information I have seen in a long time. I am using it for my daycare and the phone is starting to ring.

I have set up over automated campaigns, I have my social media presence, my website, my blog, and am starting to be seen as an industry leader. I credit my last 3 inbound phone calls directly to Rhapid Results. I highly recommend it!”

Aureole Lopez,

Rhapid Results

3. Your Owner’s Report tells you how things look on the inside

In various reports that I’ve done, I discovered that business owners commonly feel like they just can’t get on top of everything. The minute one thing starts improving, another one falls apart. It’s practically impossible to keep your employees happy, your customers happy, your vendors happy, and keep the money coming in. You want everyone to be happy, but you’re only one person. Your Owner’s report will explain why your staff feels like a paid audience. You know the impact of not having enough customers or being understaffed. Do you know the impact of your employees and your community not being clear about who you are and what you stand for? The Owner’s Report goes beyond “basic” personalization and merges multiple pieces of your profile together to show you where to concentrate your efforts.

This level of custom personalization simply isn’t offered by the other so-called business reporting services, but Owner’s Report won’t just tell you what’s people see, it’ll tell you what you don’t see. And you can get this information quickly!


4. your Owner’s Report looks at your financial record keeping and methodolgy

While it would require significantly more trust between us before you’d give me access to your financial records, I can quickly evaluate your financial strategy and methodolgy with just a few key questions. With Owner’s Report you can quickly see where your doing well and where you’re probably being held back by your financial system. Most owners don’t realize the impact of a poorly designed bookkeeping and financial analysis system. Owner’s report looks at each of the essential pieces:

  • How you find, pay for, and retain customers.
  • How you manage determining your cost per lead and cost per acquisition
  • Opportunities available online including payment gateways and apps.
  • How and when tax returns are filed and by whom
  • How your employees are related to the earnings of the business

5. Your Owner’s Report looks at the 5 major ways to make money online

In today’s internet era, everyone knows that you can make money online. While internet based businesses obviously do exactly that, you may not. Just typing your thoughts online can sometimes be enough to draw in customers, but only a well thought out plan can actually produce money for the average joe. Owner’s Report includes a detailed outline of what you should be looking at.

Take a look at the image below to see how ProBlogger Darren Rowse sees making money online. Owner’s Report looks at your business (and other businesses like yours), to show you specific things you could be doing with almost no extra effort.

Maillop 7.0 diagram

6. Your Owner’s Report tells you what you look like in the social space

If you have even the slightest amount of awareness, you know that how you’re perceived on the internet is just as important as how your customers perceive you. But that’s only part of the equation. Do you know how much business you’re losing by not having your social profile dialed in? While everyone’s heard of Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, only a small number of business owners fully understand what’s really out there.

New social media platforms are coming online practically every day. You need to know which ones are essential, and which one’s are useless. Also, depending on what type of business you’re in, there are a variety of places you should be posting information, and what you post there is just as important as where you post it.

Besides just looking at whether you have a presence in the 5 key social platforms (maybe 6 now), Owner’s Report also checks how thoroughly you’ve positioned your business there. Here’s a great action step you’ll never see anywhere else: you can position your business so your customers are motivated to bring you more business using their own social networks. For example, your good customers need to know how they can help you. A simple Yelp review can do miracles for your customer base. But your customers aren’t motivated to review your business unless they know what it’s going to do to further their own personal goals, even if that simply means helping you.

“I looked at your video outlining your business philosophy and it’s exactly what I teach in our weekend workshop.”

Tim Braheem

7. Your Owner’s Report connects you with others

It’s easy to get isolated when you’re running a business. It seems that you’re the only one who truly understands what it’s like for you. Not so.

You need your community. You can’t have a thriving business while sitting in your living room, or locked up in the office. Owner’s Report was built with advanced networking logic identifying those people in your community, both locally and not locally, who you can connect with to grow your business. Owner’s Report will instantly show which people you need in your circle, while also showing you how to instantly create a connection with them that will be mutually beneficial.

Each of the people in your inner circle should be hand selected. Don’t allow your precious time to be taken up creating relationships with people who can’t specifically improve your business either with customers, products, profits, or savings.

8. Your Owner’s Report gives you real and pertinent answers

Most people are afraid to tell you the truth, but I’m not. Up until now you discover where you went right, and where you went wrong, mostly by trial and error. Unfortunately, many of your mistakes could have been avoided and much of your business could have been improved if your customers, friends, and family had not been afraid to tell you what they really think. But don’t blame them, It’s only because you’ve never been taught how to ask the right questions the right way. Owner’s report will tell you how easily you can build and manage your truth telling posse. Legitimate concerns and suggestions are one thing, but you don’t want to just open the door to every piece of cheap advice people want to throw at you. In order to be highly profitable, you need to have a reliable way to get useful feedback while still maintaining your rightful place as Chief Executive Officer.

Years ago, I was telling a friend of mine about one of my business projects. I remember how he seemed to be agreeing with me and excited about what I was up to. Years later when the business had long since failed, he told me that he thought I was missing some important things back then. When I asked him why he didn’t tell me, he said he didn’t want to burst my bubble. Thanks!

I’ve developed a unique way to tell you what I see without making you feel like anything is wrong, it’s called honesty backed up by data. Having spent the last decade doing business analysis, I can quickly see what you need to make sure you have a direct line to the most important information you need to keep on track taking the most imporatant steps. Your Owner’s Report will back up suggestions with relevant and timely data.

“…you are blessed with the entrepreneurial energy essential to the good work we do.”

Michael Gerber,

Until recently, I hadn’t yet discovered my own real purpose. I knew I was skilled in business, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with that. After some deep thought and many discussions with friends and mentors, I hit upon what I think is one of the most important keys to successful business ownership. Because I don’t want to keep you in suspense, I’m going to share with you what I discovered.

Nearly every business owner I know who is struggling, is suffering from the same condition. That condition is a lack of clarity. I know, it sounds silly. Don’t disregard this just yet. I’ve said good things so far, right? Not only is it good to know where you are, where you’re headed, and what you have to do to get there, but you have to know why. I’m willing to bet nobody(including yourself) understands exactly why you do what you do. For nearly everyone in your position starting a business was a choice, but where you are now is the result of consequences, not planning. Your Owner’s Report will give you some information, but when you purchase an owner’s report, you also get access to my member’s only section which has videos, podcasts, and digital downloads not available anywhere else on the internet.   To be clear, your success in business means my success in business. I build my business on the referrals of others. it does me no good to sell you something without also providing the support to get the most benefit out of the information you’ve been given.

Running a business is hard work. There are few people out there you can trust who also have experience running a business. Most business owners I know are extremely cost conscious. When I had my mortgage company, I used to get dozens of calls from companies who were trying to sell me something they promised would make me money. I tried some of them, and not others. Rarely did I pay for anything that produced even the slighest amount of benefit. This made me extremely skeptical of anyone trying to sell me anything related to my business. Your Owner’s Report is different. It’s customized, and besides coming with loads of detailed information, when you order your Owner’s Report, I give you my time. I interview you so I can understand exactly how to prepare your report to give you maximum benefit. Where things go from there is up to you. You have complete control. This wonderful report is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

It will give you the power to put your daily tasks and routines on autopilot, skip the headaches and growing pains that running a business can cause, free up your time so you can market and grow your business (and spend more time working on your businss instead of in your business a lot sooner).

Scott Fox, Author of Click Millionaire
“You have the technical skills to get things moving, and it sounds like you have the business skills to get out there and make some things happen for you, too.” -Scott Fox

Your Owner’s Report will give your competitors a lot of headaches. It will be probably the first and most advanced report on your business you’ve ever received. And if you’re price conscious like me, you’ll also appreciate the value-for-the-dollar this report gives you. Your Owner’s Report has been designed to give you ALL the information and tools you need, in one easy-to-understand report.

Your Owner’s Report FAR EXCEEDS the power, flexibility, and usability of anything I’ve ever seen like it. Rhapid Resutls has specifically design this report to meet your special needs as a small business owner. And do not hesitate. The sooner you get the report, the sooner you can start spending your time where it is most profitable… growing and marketing your business!

  Order your Owner’s Report right now 

Mailloop 7.0 software, advanced e-mail and e-business automation software

+ you receive five super bonuses

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(Note: only an Owner’s Report from Rhapid Results includes a ‘FREE 30 day Trial’ to automated Customer Relationship Manager. with automated email technology which give you the ability toautomatically send unlimited series of ultra-motivating e-mail messages to your new and existing customers and subscribers, starting the minute you first meet them… so you can close 45% more sales!)

Russ's signatureRuss Shulman, Owner
Rhapid Results LLC


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