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You’ll never guess why you’re the sandwich generation

You don’t have to sit with Keith McClelland for long to determine he is one of the more well connected members of our community.  Perched on the top floor of the Shoreline Business & Professional Center next to City Hall, Keith has a fantastic location for walking to one of my favorite sports bars, Jersey’s.  Keith and I had a while to chat yesterday and I was fascinated by how well he knows the city of Shoreline.

I found out he moved to Shoreline in 1998 with a commitment to shop locally because he believed in the community.  His wife then spent two terms on the planning committee and he joined the Shoreline arts council eventually becoming president.  7 years ago, he along with some other business owners was instrumental in getting the annual North City Jazz Walk going.  A musician himself, he write orchestrations and plays piano in a big band.  I’ve often found musicians to be good hearted people to talk to, and talking to Keith was no different.  He is a friendly gentleman with a kind smile and is a pleasure to talk to.

Having practiced law for nearly as long as I’ve been alive, he displays his knowledge through who is more than through what he says.  I could tell from how much he had to say about our fine city, that he could go on for days about the practice of law.  As is the case with many attorneys, Keith can handle many different types of cases.  As a generalist, he handles civil law, but he specifically is known

His motto is high touch, not high tech.  He calls people when he can, instead of emailing.  He’d rather have you drop by his office instead of contacting him through his website. In fact, I couldn’t even find his website.  Keith serves the needs of local residents in what he calls the sandwich generation.  Those who have aging parents and young children.  Hey, that’s me!

I asked him, how do people know when they finally reached the point where they need to find an attorney to handle their estate planning?  His said that if one parent has passed away, for most people, that would be a good time to talk to him.  Of course, this is if you want estate planning and probate advice.  I got the impression Keith could handle just about any civil matter you threw at him.

You probably don’t have an ongoing need for what Keith offers, but you are likely to need help with things like wills, trusts, and probate at least once in your life.  At the level of supporting your community and making Shoreline a better place, Keith is hard to beat. If you want to help support local businesses, but you don’t happen to have a need for his services, here’s what I suggest…

  1. Send him referrals.  It doesn’t even matter if they become clients.  If anyone you know says something like “I need an attorney”, tell them to call Keith.  If he can’t help, he’ll absolutely refer them to someone who will be excellent.
  2. Support the Jazz Walk.  Go there in August when it’s happening.  If you are merchant in North City, pay the $60 bucks, open you doors, and join in.    If you have any time at all, offer to volunteer on the committee.  They need more bodies.
  3. Stop by and introduce yourself to him. Like I said, he’s not a big fan of technology, but if you want to meet someone who’s got his finger on the pulse of the city, Keith McClelland is one of those guys.

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Stopped by Darrell’s Tavern Tonight

I’ll be doing a full write up on Dan (the owner) sometime soon, but I didn’t want to wait even a second longer to let people know what I thought.  15 years ago, I stopped by this place with my brother to play some pool.  That was long before I became fascinated by the world of self employment and entrepreneurship.  I have to admit, I hadn’t been back until tonight.

Well, things look different to me now. These days, I’m on a mission to help the community to see local business owners as artists.  Local businesses are doing their best to keep us connected to each other.  Local businesses are the heart of makes a community.  We don’t need another Walmart or another Verizon store (I have a Verizon phone BTW and don’t mind driving to the mall when I need to go to a Verizon store. I don’t need one closer.).  These mega corporations are siphoning money out of our cities and into their global bank accounts, leaving only enough left to pay the staff.  In exchange, they provide less than a hand shaking “how’s-your-family” feel and they funnel us through their systems like cows in a feed line.

Darrell’s Tavern is one of those places you need to stop by to see if it feels good to you.  Introduce yourself to Dan and let him know who you are.  Rather than just shopping locally when it comes to your food, try going out for a beer to a local establishment.  Try Darrell’s Tavern.  Stay tuned for more.

Cafe Aroma – Not just the place to be, but the place to be often!

On the corner of 5th and 165th, is another gem of the city.   Many of us have been there, sometimes present to our own lives, and sometimes present to what’s around us.  But either way, I can say with almost near certainty, your experience was remarkable.  The barista smiled, your order came quickly, and it was delicious.  I know this, because I know the owner, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Next week, Lyanne Scott and I will catch up, and I’ll get a chance to present the real story behind the woman who found a way to change people’s lives, by filling their bellies with yummy goodness.  Stay tuned.  

Wallcotts Decor and More – Just go there, you’ll see. Words can’t do this place justice

I stopped by Wallcotts Decor and More today. What a beautiful store. I could tell from the parking lot that there was some good Juju to be had in there. In the next week or so, I’ll be profiling Louise, who owns the place and I’m sure you’ll agree, Wallcotts is one of the hidden gems of Shoreline. But hey, instead of hidden, let’s flaunt it. Wallcotts will brighten your day just by walking in the place. Watch for my review next week.